3 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 2nd grade
JLPT exam level N1

bow, bow (archery, violin)

  • bow (weapon) ②archery ③bow (for a violin, etc.)
  • キュウ
    bow (and arrow) ②unit of distance to an archery target (approx. six feet) ③unit of distance for land surveying (approx. eight feet)
  • bow (weapon) ②archery ③bow (for a violin, etc.)

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

ゆみ 96.4%
キュウ 3.6%

Character Breakdown

bow, bow (archery, violin)
ゆみ キュウ こ (2nd, N1)

Common Words

bow (weapon) ②archery ③bow (for a violin, etc.)
bow and arrow ②weapon
crossbow (incl. large models operated by a number of people) ②netted apparatus atop a wall containing large stones, which were dropped onto attackers by cutting the net ③slingshot
to bend a bow ②to rise up against
bowing (a string instrument)
bow shape ②segment (of a circle)
archer (esp. a samurai) ②(skilled) archer ③dominion of a whole province by a military family ④bow-twirling ceremony at the end of a day of sumo wrestling
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Unicode hex code 5F13
JIS X 0208 1-21-61
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