11 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 2nd grade
JLPT exam level N4


  • strong ②strong ③good (at) ④being able to handle
  • to get strong
  • to strengthen
  • to force
  • tough ②inflexible ③tired
  • キョウ
    a little over ②powerhouse ③upper (seismic intensity)
  • ゴウ
  • すね

Main Radical


Character Breakdown

つよ.い キョウ ゴウ (2nd, N4)
bow, bow (archery, violin)
ゆみ キュウ こ (2nd, N1)
although(雖) variant
I, myself, katakana mu radical (no. 28)
シ ボウ ム (Kentei 1)
insect, bug, temper
むし チュウ キ (1st, N2)
in, inside, middle
なか チュウ うち (1st, N5)
くち コウ ク (1st, N4)
number one, line, rod radical (no. 2)
コン シ ジョ
rising stroke
dot, tick or dot radical (no. 3)
チュ (Kentei 1)

Contained In

Common Words

strong ②strong ③good (at) ④being able to handle
study ②diligence ③experience ④discount
to pretend to be tough
confident ②bullish (e.g. market)
powerful ②reassuring
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Unicode hex code 5F37
JIS X 0208 1-22-15
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