18 strokes
Kentei exam level 1


  • to pollute ②to disgrace
  • uncleanness ②disgrace ③uncleanliness from contact with death, pregnancy, menstruation, etc.
  • to be violated
  • アイ
  • ワイ

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

けがけがけがれる 40.6%
ワイ 0.3%

Character Breakdown

エ けが.す ワイ (Kentei 1)
two-branch tree radical (no. 115)
カ いね (Kentei Pre-1)
katakana no radical (no. 4)
ヘツ えい よう (Kentei 1)
tree, wood
き モク こ- (1st, N5)
year-end, age, occasion
サイ とし セイ (7th, N3)
stop, halt
と.まる シ どめ (2nd, N4)
divining, fortune-telling, divination or katakana to radical (no. 25)
ボク うらない うらな.う (Kentei Pre-1)
sign of the dog, 7-9PM, eleventh sign of Chinese zodiac
いぬ ジュツ (Kentei 1)
5th calendar sign
つちのえ ボ ボウ (Kentei Pre-1)
halberd, arms, festival car
ほこ カ ほこづくり (Kentei 1)
piling, ceremony radical (no. 56)
ヨク いぐるみ (Kentei 1)
one, one radical (no.1)
イチ いっ ひと- (1st, N5)
little, small
ショウ こ- ちい.さい (1st, N5)
feathered stick, barb radical (no. 6)
ケツ かぎ (Kentei 1)
eight, eight radical (no. 12)
ハチ や はっ (1st, N5)

Common Words

this impure world (as opposed to the pure land) ②feces
night soil ②muck
ugly and filthy
abhorrence of (living in) this impure world
various impurities (illness, menstruation, death, etc.)
uncleanliness from contact with death, pregnancy, menstruation, etc.
person who gathers night soil
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Unicode hex code 7A62
JIS X 0208 1-67-50
Nelson, A. Classic Nelson 3311
Haig, J. New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary 4182
Morohashi Daikanwajiten 25331
Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 5d13.3
Four corner code 2195.3