4 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 2nd grade
JLPT exam level N4

stop, halt

  • to stop (moving), to come to a stop
  • -どまり
  • to stop, to turn off
  • -とめる
  • -ど
  • to stop, to stay (e.g. the night), to cease
  • finishing blow, coup de grâce
  • to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place)
  • to stop (an activity), to cease, to discontinue
  • to cease, to stop, to be over
  • -や
  • to cease, to desist, to cut it out
  • -さ
  • -さ
  • どめ

Character Breakdown

stop, halt
と.まる や.める シ (2nd, N4)
divining, fortune-telling, divination or katakana to radical (no. 25)
ボク うらな.う うらない (Kentei Pre-1)


Unicode hex code 6B62
JIS X 0208 1-27-63
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