14 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 8th grade
JLPT exam level N1

outline, condition, approximation, generally

  • おおむ in general, generally, mostly
  • ガイ appearance, look, aspect

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

Character Breakdown

outline, condition, approximation
ガイ おおむ.ね (8th, N1)
tree, wood
き こ- モク (1st, N5)
previously, already, long ago
すで.に キ (8th, N1)
northeast (Oriental zodiac), stopping, good radical (no. 138)
コン うしとら (Kentei Pre-1)
day, sun, Japan
ひ ニチ ジツ (1st, N5)
garment, clothes, dressing
ころも イ きぬ (4th, N2)
kettle lid radical (no. 8)
トウ (Kentei 1)
sob, choke, crooked heaven radical variant (no.71)
キ ケ む (Kentei 1)
nothing, not exist, crooked heaven radical (no.71)
ブ ム なし (Kentei 1)
two, two radical (no. 7)
ニ ふた ジ (1st, N5)
legs radical (no. 10)
ジン ニン がい (Kentei 1)
katakana no radical (no. 4)
ヘツ えい よう (Kentei 1)


Unicode hex code 6982
JIS X 0208 1-19-21
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