Let's get started!

When drawing kanji, the order and direction of each stroke matters. But don’t worry about making mistakes. If you guess wrong, just try again!

We'll begin with a really simple one, the symbol for the number two.

Try to write this character in the box below:

Hint Kanji are generally drawn left to right, top to bottom.


If you can't see the box above, then you may need to upgrade your browser to be able to write characters. The newest versions of almost any desktop browser* should work, and most mobile browsers work as well. If you find a browser that doesn't work, please send me feedback to let me know!

*The desktop version of Firefox doesn't quite work for touch because swiping vertically causes the screen to scroll instead of sending input to the drawing pad. It should work fine with mouse or digitizer pen input, though. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future version!