1. fast, quick, rapid, swift, speedy, brisk, prompt. Esp. 速い.
  2. early, soon, earlier than usual.
  3. premature, too soon, too early.
  4. easy, simple, quick, fast. Esp. 早い.
  5. as soon as ..., the moment ..., the instant .... As ...するが早いか or ...するより早く.


Pronunciation Kanji Kana Is Common
早い はやい
速い はやい
疾い はやい
捷い はやい

Contained Kanji Breakdown

early, fast
はや.い サッ ソウ (1st, N4)
day, sun, Japan
ひ ニチ にっ (1st, N5)
ジュウ ジッ か (1st, N5)