Common Words by Reading

one ②best ③first ④beginning ⑤a (single) ⑥ace (playing card)
one ②best ③first ④beginning ⑤a (single) ⑥ace (playing card)
number one ②best ③game ④as a test ⑤song (e.g. in noh)
first ②most important ③above all
family ②household
once ②temporarily ③one degree
clan ②participation (e.g. in a plot) ③one flavor ④one ingredient (in traditional Chinese medicine)
one part ②one copy (e.g. of a document)
one day ②all day (long) ③1st day of the month
best in the world
one summer (during which a monk attends a summer retreat)
(if) by some chance ②(unlikely event of) emergency
one thin flat object
more or less ②tentatively ③just in case
first-class ②characteristic ③school (e.g. of a performance art) ④one flag
(what) the heck ②one object ③one form ④generally
together ②at the same time ③same
in one go ②immediately
something handed down (usu. an order)
whole life ②(the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
all ②absolutely (not)
one (esp. of two) ②on the one hand ③whereas ④just keeps
lining out to first base
the best one can do ②with all one's might
corner ②one horn ③narwhal (Monodon monoceros)
general ②ordinary ③the same
the whole sky
agreement ②union
one ②for one thing ③just (e.g. "just try it") ④some kind of
one ②for one thing ③just (e.g. "just try it") ④some kind of
one person ②being alone ③by oneself ④just
another ②not quite
glance ②complete view
one breath ②time of one breath ③pause ④(doing in) one go
one line ②earnest ③one bloodline ④ordinary
feeling of relief (for the time being)
mouthful ②gulp ③one word ④one share
one ②same (mind, path, etc.)
unification of the whole country
Very sincerely yours ②different
viewing and treating as one
identification (with)
one step away from fishing (i.e. needing two more tiles for completion)
half flush ②heterogeneity (e.g. manuf. using products from several sources)
full flush ②homogeneity (e.g. manuf. using products from one source)
two years before last (year)
staunch (steadfast, single-hearted) in one's devotion to his master (lord)
one's heart is filled with even deeper emotion
pure and innocent through and through
(of) straightforward honesty
singlemindedly devoted to work