10 strokes
Not a general use character

former or literary name for Nann

  • ヨウ

No stroke data for this character

Main Radical


Character Breakdown

former or literary name for Nann
ヨウ ユ
curving river radical (no.47)
セン かわ (Kentei 1)
ku radical
climax, arrive, proceed
シ いた.る のぶ (6th, N1)
the fore-arm(厷) variant
one, one radical (no.1)
イチ いっ ひと- (1st, N5)
I, myself, katakana mu radical (no. 28)
シ ボウ ム (Kentei 1)
soil, earth, ground
ド つち は (1st, N5)
village, rural community, right village radical (no. 163)
ユウ むら お (Kentei Pre-1, N1)
くち コウ ク (1st, N4)
ともえ ハ うずまき (Kentei Pre-1, N1)
sign of the snake or serpent, 9-11AM, sixth sign of Chinese zodiac
み シ (Kentei Pre-1, N1)
コ おのれ キ (6th, N1)

Contained In


Unicode hex code 9095
JIS X 0212 1-65-77
JIS X 0213 1-92-59
Morohashi Daikanwajiten 39277