9 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 7th grade
JLPT exam level N1

hunt, raid, gather

  • to hunt (animals) ②to search (for a criminal) ③to go looking for (flowers, etc.)
  • hunting ②harvesting (e.g. berries, fruit)
  • -が
  • シュ
  • hunting ②harvesting (e.g. berries, fruit)

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

-が 55.8%
かり 42.3%
シュ 1.8%

Character Breakdown

hunt, raid, gather
か.る かり シュ (7th, N1)
dog(犬) variant
guard, protect, defend
まも.る シュ もり (3rd, N3)
shaped crown, katakana u radical (no. 40)
ベン メン (Kentei 1)
dot, tick or dot radical (no. 3)
チュ (Kentei 1)
wa-shaped crown radical (no. 14)
ベキ (Kentei 1)
measurement, tenth of a shaku, a little
スン す みき (6th, N1)

Common Words

hunting ②harvesting (e.g. berries, fruit)
to hunt (animals) ②to search (for a criminal) ③to go looking for (flowers, etc.)
to hunt out ②to impress
hunting ground
shell gathering (at low tide)
a mountain hunt
falconry (using a northern goshawk)
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Unicode hex code 72E9
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