16 strokes
Kentei exam level 1

sled, sleigh, snowshoes

  • そり sleigh, sled, sledge
  • かんじき snowshoes
  • キョウ
  • ゼイ
  • セイ

Main Radical


Character Breakdown

sled, sleigh, snowshoes
キョウ ゼイ そり (Kentei 1)
tree, wood
き こ- モク (1st, N5)
nap, down, fluff
ゼイ セツ けば (Kentei 1)
fur, hair, feather
け モウ めん (2nd, N2)
katakana no radical (no. 4)
ヘツ えい よう (Kentei 1)
to depend on, to entrust with
タク チャク
なな シチ なの (1st, N5)


Unicode hex code 6A47
JIS X 0208 1-60-82
Nelson, A. Classic Nelson 2373
Haig, J. New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary 2874
Heisig, J. Remembering The Kanji 2521
Heisig, J. Remembering The Kanji, Sixth Ed. 2581
Morohashi Daikanwajiten 15517
Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 4a12.14
Four corner code 4291.4