12 strokes
Kentei exam level 1

outer box for a coffin

  • カク

Main Radical


Character Breakdown

outer box for a coffin
カク (Kentei 1)
tree, wood
き こ- モク (1st, N5)
enjoy, receive, undergo
キョウ コウ う.ける (9th, N1)
kettle lid radical (no. 8)
トウ (Kentei 1)
くち コウ ク (1st, N4)
child, sign of the rat, 11PM-1AM
こ シ ス (1st, N5)
complete, finish
リョウ さとる (8th, N2)
one, one radical (no.1)
イチ いっ ひと- (1st, N5)


Unicode hex code 6901
JIS X 0208 1-59-86
Haig, J. New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary 2722
Morohashi Daikanwajiten 15003
Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 4a7.15
Four corner code 4094.7