11 strokes
Jinmeiyou kanji used in names
Kentei exam level Pre-1

weir, fish trap, beam, girder

  • beam
  • うつばり
    (roof) beam
  • うちばり
    (roof) beam
  • (fish) weir
  • はし
  • リョウ
    Liang dynasty (of China; 502-557)

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

リョウ 57.4%
やな 42.6%

Character Breakdown

weir, fish trap, beam
リョウ やな はり (Kentei Pre-1)
water, water radical (no. 85)
sword, saber, knife
かたな トウ ち (2nd, N1)
dot, tick or dot radical (no. 3)
チュ (Kentei 1)
tree, wood
き モク こ- (1st, N5)

Contained In

Common Words

central figure ②chief ③master carpenter ④beams and ridge supports of a roof
bridge of the nose
place of assemblage for the bold and ambitious
(fish) weir
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Unicode hex code 6881
JIS X 0208 1-46-34
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Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 4a7.25
Four corner code 3390.4