5 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 11th grade

buttocks, hips, butt, rear

  • buttocks ②undersurface ③last place ④consequence
  • コウ
  • がみ

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

しり 100.0%

Character Breakdown

buttocks, hips, butt
しり コウ がみ (11th)
corpse, remains, flag radical (no. 44)
シ かたしろ (Kentei 1)
キュウ ク ここの (1st, N5)

Common Words

buttocks ②undersurface ③last place ④consequence
cleaning up someone else's mess ②ass-wiping
falling on one's backside (behind, bottom) ②mochi used to celebrate a child's first birthday
closing part of a balance sheet
outer canthus
backward glance ②faceless ghost with an eye in its rump
loose ②quick ③rash
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Unicode hex code 5C3B
JIS X 0208 1-31-12
Nelson, A. Classic Nelson 1379
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Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 3r2.1
Four corner code 7721.7
De Roo Code 3757