7 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 4th grade
JLPT exam level N3

profit, advantage, benefit

  • to be effective ②to work ③to taste (alcohol)
  • advantage
  • かが
  • とし
  • のり
  • りい

Main Radical

(KanXi) (Nelson)


Reading Commonality

とし 0.1%
かが 0.1%

Character Breakdown

profit, advantage, benefit
リ き.く と (4th, N3)
two-branch tree radical (no. 115)
カ いね (Kentei Pre-1)
katakana no radical (no. 4)
ヘツ えい よう (Kentei 1)
tree, wood
き モク こ- (1st, N5)
knife, standing sword radical (no. 18)

Contained In

Common Words

advantageous ②profitable
profit ②benefit ③grace (of God, Buddha, etc., esp. as attained through rightful actions, prayer, adherence to one's faith, etc.)
left-handedness ②fondness for alcohol
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Unicode hex code 5229
JIS X 0208 1-45-88
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