7 strokes
Jouyou kanji
Taught in 4th grade
JLPT exam level N3

rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some

  • throne ②government position ③degree
  • ぐらい
  • rank ②decimal place ③counter for ghosts
  • ぞき

Main Radical


Reading Commonality

くらいぐらい 2.8%

Character Breakdown

rank, grade, throne
イ くらい ぞき (4th, N3)
human radical (no. 9)
stand up, rise, set up
た.つ リツ たち (1st, N4)
kettle lid radical (no. 8)
トウ (Kentei 1)
grass, straw, herbs
to divide
one, one radical (no.1)
イチ いっ ひと- (1st, N5)

Contained In

Common Words

place ②position
(social) position ②position (in a company, organization, etc.)
superior (in rank) ②higher order (e.g. byte) ③host computer (of connected device)
unit ②credit (in school) ③in units of (e.g. "in thousands")
last place ②least significant (bit)
accession to the throne
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Unicode hex code 4F4D
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