6 strokes
Jinmeiyou kanji used in names
Kentei exam level Pre-1

range, reach, extend, cover

  • to cross over ②to extend
  • もとめる
  • コウ
  • カン
  • のぶ

Main Radical

(KanXi) (Nelson)

Character Breakdown

range, reach, extend
コウ カン わた.る (Kentei Pre-1)
mutually, reciprocally, together
たが.い ゴ かたみ.に (7th, N3)
one, one radical (no.1)
イチ いっ ひと- (1st, N5)
pig's head radical variant (no. 58)
ケイ (Kentei 1)
dot, tick or dot radical (no. 3)
チュ (Kentei 1)

Contained In

Common Words

from long ago up until the present day
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Unicode hex code 4E99
JIS X 0208 1-47-42
Nelson, A. Classic Nelson 31
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Morohashi Daikanwajiten 265
Tuttle Dictionary Descriptor Code 0a6.2
Four corner code 1010.7