Godan verb, transitive verb

  1. to carry on one's back.
  2. to be burdened with, to take responsibility for.
  3. to have (something) in the background, to be in front (of something).

Godan verb, intransitive verb

  1. to be conceited, to think highly of oneself.
    In the form しょってる.


Pronunciation Kanji Kana Is Common
[][] 背負う せおう
背負[しょ] 背負う しょう
[][] 脊負う せおう
脊負[しょ] 脊負う しょう

Contained Kanji Breakdown

stature, height, back (6th)
  • north(2nd)
    • spoon, spoon or katakana hi radical (no. 21)
  • month, moon(1st)
defeat, negative, - (3rd)
  • knife, wrapping enclosure(勹) variant
  • shellfish(1st)
    • eye, class, look(1st)
    • eight, eight radical (no. 12)(1st)