1. making great haste, having been caught off guard, scurrying unprepared.
  2. rushing to an emergency with sword in hand, not having had time to affix it at the waist.


Pronunciation Kanji Kana Is Common
押っ取り刀 おっとりがたな
おっとり刀 おっとりがたな

Contained Kanji Breakdown

push, stop, check
お.す オウ おさ.える (7th, N3)
hand, hand radical (no. 64)
armor, high (voice), A grade
かぶと コウ カン (8th, N1)
take, fetch, take up
と.る シュ とり (3rd, N3)
みみ ジ がみ (1st, N3)
or again, furthermore, on the other hand
また ユウ やす (8th, N1)
sword, saber, knife
かたな トウ ち (2nd, N1)