Common Words by Reading

to be (of animate objects) ②to stay ③to be ...-ing
living room (Western style)
whereabouts ②place where one belongs
lodger who pays nothing for room and board
whereabouts ②place of temporary residence
nodding off (while sitting)
sky ②cloud ③distant place ④imperial court
waitress (in a ryokan or traditional restaurant)
pretending to be out
calm or at rest
retirement (from work) ②retired person ③surrendering headship of the family (pre-WWII)
cave dwelling
castle of a feudal lord
moving into (house)
person living with a family ②housemate
one's daily life ②condition ③standing and sitting
tenant (esp. residential tenant in apartment block)
grhapati (layman; sometimes used as a posthumous suffix) ②private-sector scholar
person who is ready to comment on every subject
varsika (meditation retreat; usu. for 90 days starting on the 15th day of the 4th month of the lunisolar calendar)
summer retreat where monks stay in the same place to study
to be (animate) ②to be ③to (have the audacity to) do
you must seize every golden opportunity