Common Words by Reading

door (esp. Japanese-style) ②shutter ③entrance (to a home) ④narrows
Edo (shogunate capital, now Tokyo)
door (esp. Japanese-style) ②shutter ③entrance (to a home) ④narrows
to be bewildered
water well
being at sea ②disorientation upon waking at night ③forgetting which house or room to enter
locking up (doors and windows)
Mito (city in Ibaraki)
sliding storm shutter
wicket gate ②entrance to an entertainment venue (i.e. sumo arena, etc.)
Edo Castle (residence of the Shogun during the Edo period, now the site of the Tokyo Imperial Palace)
rock door (to a cave)
counter for houses, households, apartments, etc.
family register ②census
merry drinker ②one who laughs easily
(heavy) drinker ②... drinker (e.g. merry drinker, maudlin drinker) ③liker of
official copy of the family register
Ministry of Revenue (Tang-dynasty China)
number of households (houses)
family registration official
head of a household
eating the food of the dead (which prevents return from the underworld)